Leadership Development Expertise

Leadership Freedom develops leaders, helping them inspire and coach others. Our time-tested leadership management services and programs are the results of hands-on leadership experience... from the prison cells of the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam to the executive boardroom.

Guiding our company is Lee Ellis, retired Air Force Colonel and Vietnam POW. Ellis has decades of experience as a leader, a leadership coach, and leadership consultant. A well known keynote speaker and author, he has spent over 20 years developing leadership assessments - assessments used by more than 200,000 worldwide.

More than a Leadership Company

At Leadership Freedom, we offer much more than leadership training. Our mission is to free leaders to lead higher!

To do this, we help companies create high performing cultures, focus on results, build teamwork, communicate more effectively, and develop leaders.

Our Leadership Expertise

We are known nationwide for maximizing leadership potential and helping leaders change and grow thru:

Leading with Honor Book

Now Available

Lee Ellis' latest book is LEADING WITH HONOR - Leadership Lessons Learned from Hanoi Hilton. Learn more at LeadingWithHonor.com

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